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Miss Tippy Wong LLC


Miss Tippy Wong LLC is a education, entertainment and product based business.

Miss Tippy Wong LLC'S vision is to globally empower people to live an innovative & healthy conscious lifestyle.

Miss Tippy Wong's mission is to provide education and tools to help people remember the manifestation power they hold within their bodies.


Welcome to my World.
I'm your favorite Tantra & Manifestation Coach.


Hey Yall! My name is  "Tippy" and sometimes I go by "Tippyana". My Pro-nouns are she/her/hers. 


I am a gifted and intuitive healer with an extensive resume of over 10 years experience within the health & wellness industry. I have served in chiropractic settings, gyms, community centers, on psychic hotlines, and within my own private practice. I hold the following titles,  just to name a few;


*Certified Hypnotist

*Certified Reiki Master

​*Certified Intuitive; Akashic Records Healer, Violet Flame Healer , & Womb Healing Moon Mother

*Certified Personal Trainer; Corrective Exercise Specialist, & Holistic Nutrition Specialist 

*Previously Certified Water Safety Instructor and Lifeguard 

I am a New York City Native, and I currently live in Los Angeles, California.  My hobbies include dancing, traveling, creating songs, reading, writing and fine dinning. Amid my experience and educational background , it is my unique and intuitive touch that makes all of my work premium. I am passionate and looking forward to work with you- my magickal friends!  Thanks for looking.

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It's Tippy-ana!

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